Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Look into this for yourself.....

My friend Kim and I have been researching the BPA issue. Ever heard of it? Neither had we. It is a petroleum based chemical that is used in plastics. is BAD for you. It leaches into your foods and can have serious effects on childrens bodies. I just read a book titled, "Boys Adrift" by Leonard Sax. He addressed the issue of BPA and what he believes it is doing to boys specifically. Apparently, this chemical replicates the estrogen hormone and is causing all sorts of problems in boys because they were not meant to be taking this hormone into their bodies. It is a possible factor in girls early onset of puberty (which apparently was uncommon a generation or two ago), and hurting boys neurologically and physically.

There's a lot to this. I can't pretend to be an expert. Read over the information I've blogged and do some research for yourself. It's worth the time.

I have vowed to not put disposable water bottles in my kids lunches anymore. Or use standard resusable water bottles. They all can leach BPA. I was able to find a small BPA free water bottle for Brigham's lunch box. Not cheap at 8.99 but when you learn about the risks of BPA it seems like a bargain.

Baby bottles, sippy cups, many pacifiers... they're all leaching BPA. But if you make the effort, you can replace them with safer alternatives! Don't use plastic dishes and cups with your family. Throw them out and use Corelle if you need something durable. I've googled
"BPA free pacifiers" and I found a website that listed different brands that made safe ones. It looks like silicone pacifiers are good and of course there's some expensive brands out there. I did see that Gerber makes some BPA free. Read the packaging carefully.

Spend some time looking into this and decide for yourself if you want to make some changes!