Monday, November 17, 2008


The tree guy came today. He did alright. He didn't cut the tree down as far as I'd liked, but I didn't complain to him because I think the tree was a lot huger than he realized and I was nervous enough as it was. But the main bulk of it is gone. My rain gutter has a dent in it, but other than that we seem to have survived. He's coming back tomorrow to do a smaller tree that has branches leaning over the house. Okay, that one I'm nervous about. I will definately be out talking to him about that one. It's not major, major, (Remember that phrase Maggie?) but our satellite dish could possibly get hit and it would cost to have Dish network realign that. I'm not sure it's worth it. I'll have to see what he thinks and I'll probably hang around to assist a little.....More to come.....I'm sure you are waiting on pins and needles....

Laci started preschool. I got a lead from a lady at church and called the teacher last night. She said she had one opening left. Serendipity, right? (Is that the right way to use that word?) I took down the address and we decided to walk there since it sounded close. Turns out its around the corner from our house! You've got to be kidding (I thought to myself)! :) The teacher is AWESOME and she lives in a NICE house a 3-4 minute walk away. Halaleujah. Laci loved it. She made a new friend that she already wants to play with. Her name is Lexi.
Imagine: Laci and Lexi. How funny. So three days a week I am claiming some ALONE time again! I was planning on going to the gym but I'm going to put it off longer. I still cannot get over what a great running neighborhood I live in. I feel like I've rediscovered running. I've never seen such a hilly place. It's awesome. I have to say though....NOT so good for bike riding. Some spots are so steep it would be murder to let your kid ride down them and good luck riding up them. Impossible. However, great for those buns and thighs! yah, buns and thighs. (I've watched too much Sponge Bob)
It's been so mild here during the day. I only turn on the heat through the morning and evening hours. I'm finally enjoying the kind of sun that Kim in Idaho Falls has enjoyed for years because they're facing the right direction. I wore flip flops today and tomorrow it's going to be warmer. Yee haw!
Nephi and I registered our cars today. That was a small fortune. $300 total to register the cars. What a rip off. Why so much? In Idaho that same amount would've registered 5-6 cars. No kidding. I knew I'd moved to the big city when I went to the DMV. It reminded me of the old days of going to the DMV in Vegas. Very big, cold feeling, everything gray, security guards watching you. I'm glad I won't have to go there again for a long time hopefully. They have a renewal drive thru. Isn't that funny. Also, I guess you can just mail it in. I just love the idea of the drive thru though. Kind of like mom going through the flu shot drive thru. Genius.