Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance tour

Okay, I'm finally writing about the show. It was last Tuesday. I drove down to Salt Lake by myself. Which by the way was fairly fun. I had navigation and had no problems. I had a ticket in the 5th row which I was pretty excited about. I even happened to sit by two girls who had also just driven down from Idaho. The show was AWESOME. I LOVE SYTYCD so this was like a dream come true for me. It was amazing to see the costumes, props, and performers in real life and up close. I was so close that I could see the fading bruises on their legs. I think the view would've been a little better a bit further away and up a little higher but it was so incredible to feel like you were right there with them. It was easy to forget you were in a huge building when you're just yards away. Anyhow, I went through You Tube to post a few things from the concert. I didn't film these. Most of them are from way further back but it still gives you a taste of the show experience.
**UPDATE OCT 12th** I just recieved the photos that were taken from our seats. I met two really nice girls who had also driven down from Idaho. We were both early in the parking lot, parked next to each other, discovered we were both from Idaho, compared seats, turned out we were in the same row, and that our seats were next to each other! WHAAAT?! Crazy. We had so much fun . There was one lone guy sitting in between us so he switched me places and then we were together! They just sent me a ton of pictures through their blog so I posted some. Thanks!! One of the funnest things about the show was meeting a lot of people who are nuts about the show also. It was like one big fan club.


JINGER said...

That sounds SO fun! I'm not really a fan of the show, but it still sounds like a blast. Hows the house stuff going, I saw you missed out on one in S. Ogden, anyluck lately? I hope it sells, my friends here are completely frustrated with the market...I hope dearly that its better for you.

Jessica said...

I am so glad that we finally found each other. The show was such a blast. I am so glad that we met you. I added you to my blog. Hope that you don't mind. ;)