Thursday, September 25, 2008

Science Expo

I'll quickly getting caught up on some photos I had in my camera....

We took the kids to the science and Engineering Expo put on by the nuclear lab. It was alright. We needed something to do so this fit the bill. The kids were able to try a bunch of different things like experimenting with sound waves, seismographs, electricity, heat vision, smoke, safety, and others. Kind of a nerd fest. I liked it. :) This station with the superheros was about safety. The guys were really into their characters and at the end they did that thing where you run at each other and hit chests while jumping in the air (does that have a name?). They shouted some superhero chant at the same time. It was so funny that I laughed out loud. I think they appreciated that I could see the humor in their efforts. Well, later that day Brigham told me that I had been rude when I laughed at them. Apparently it had been serious business. I told him I was sorry, but I was laughing inside that he had taken them seriously. ahh....childhood.