Thursday, September 18, 2008

the dreaded phone call

We've had a contingency offer on a home in S. Ogden for awhile now. It was for a home we really loved. It wasn't perfect but it had some real wow factor, was reasonably priced, and had some of the vintage charm that I love. Anyhow, we got the call today that another offer has come in for that home. This means we only have until noon on Saturday to literally have a miracle (contract on our home) or our contract with them becomes void. Well, I am definately disappointed in our long shot situation. I really loved that home. However, I did have some reservations. The backyard is tiered so it's very picturesque but maybe not totally ideal for a family. There are no sidewalks on that street. Not great for bike riding children or kids possibly walking to bus stops in the winter. I really felt that we could deal with those challenges though. Oh well..... I just have to have faith that if Heavenly Father is going to let that house work out for us then a miracle can happen but if it doesn't then we can rest assured that it was not meant to be.