Saturday, July 5, 2008

Laci turns 4

Laci finally turned four! I wasn't in a hurry but Laci sure was. We celebrated her birthday days early but Laci didn't care. She figured the second she had a birthday party she became four and nobody was going to tell her any different. So we didn't! All of Laci's joy school friends made it to the party and her 'longtime' friend Sydney Conrad also. I've always wanted to make a doll cake so I was able to indulge and try it. It would be safe to say that it was a hit! The girls marveled at it and I admit I felt pretty proud. At the party they played pin the jewel on the tiara, ate pizza, painted resin puppies, had cake and ice cream. I think it was pretty succesful. I think Laci's favorite gift was the barbie doll from Sydney C. that changes hair color in water. Laci stood at the bathroom sink for a long time after the party trying it out. Happy Birthday Laci!