Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nephi's race

Nephi ran in a 50k this weekend. I'm spacing the name...Red Rock 50k (or something like that) It was down in Ivins (by St.George) so we were in Mesquite for the Memorial Day weekend. He did really well. He took 3rd overall. This picture was taken by the newspaper there. I actually liked this picture since it's pretty scenic. Ususally his race pictures are close ups of him running past the photograper soaking wet sweaty so we never buy them. He runs so many races that those generic sweaty photos are not cool. This one has great scenery and you don't have to look at how sweaty he is, I'm bad I know, so we actually ordered a print that we'll frame.


JINGER said...

that looks so fun. He's my running idol, I totally wish I could keep up with that guy...he's amazing!

Nielsen's said...

WOW! I'll never stop being impressed by Nephi!!! He's a runaholic! (I just made that up. That's what lack of sleep does to me!) How are you doing?
Love ya!