Monday, March 24, 2008

my date with myself

Today I arranged a playdate for my kids. I dropped them off then thought...hmmm....maybe I'll rent a movie. I had plenty of time to watch a movie, clean up the house, AND pick the kids up. This could be good. So I also decided I was hungry so I picked up some takeout Chinese and stopped by the redbox and picked up Becoming Jane. Then I went home, closed the curtains, ate food and relished every moment of my chick flick. Do you know what? I am a good date! I had a great time! The movie was sooo good. It is NOT a movie I would enjoy with Nephi or the kids around. It is a chick flick to the max. What a great time that was. I threw away my take out trash in the garage garbage cans and returned the movie on the way to pick the kids back up. Nobody knew a thing! It was awesome!


JINGER said...

I love dates with myself as well, although dancing with myself isn't as good as a flick...believe me that. :)
Sounds like a nice relaxing day.

NorthLasVegasmom said...

I thought I was the only one who did this. I most enjoy my dates through the mexican fast food joints. I don't usually get a movie...this is my date:
1. Send kids to sitter
2. Hit drive-thru
3. Turn on latin music LOUD!!! Ricky Martin.
4. Scrapbook

Marta said...

oooooooh yeaaaaaah, I do this every single day at work. I pull up a movie on utube, close the door, and eat lunch. Solitary bliss!!!!

oh yeah, by the way, you gotta change your settings and get rid of your word verification. Drives me crazy. I really don't know what purpose it serves anyway.

Lillian said...

I didn't know you could get rid of the word verification. I HATE it too. I'll see if I can figure it out.