Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Entrepeneur of the Family

Well, for some reason Brigham got it in his head today that he needed to have a lemonade stand to make some money. It was 28 degrees. Enough said. I could see that once again he wasn't going to shake the idea (I will have to post the pictures of when he sold "guys" (Action figures) last fall in the rain.) So I tried to help him think of something he could, ahem, sell, for very cheap and still get his fill of sales. By the way, he decided to sell door to door to the two neighbors that we're friends with and we know enjoy the kids. Brigham ended up cutting play doh with cookie cutters and arranging them in his tray. I figured if he sold them for 10 cents the neighbors would find the humor in them and enjoy the visit from the kids. Above is the "before" picture as he is ready to head out the door. Laci went with him, I wanted to take a picture of them heading towards the neighbors with their box but my camera died, of course. As you can see in the "after" picture they did quite well! Both neighbors bought some and they made a total of $4.oo! I was a little embarrassed because I had hoped they would just scrounge some change for the kids at the most, but they are always generous. The kids came dancing home. It is important to point out that both of these neighbors have no young children and there are no other children on my street, thus the tendency to be especially generous.
Anyhow, I have to admit it is these funny little experiences that make being a mom so fun. I think I get to live a little vicariously through them too. I would've loved selling stuff to people who always overpay me!


Nielsen's said...

Okay! That is the cutest thing ever!!! Brigham looks so content! I may have to borrow that idea from you for Megan and Emma. They are always wanting to bake cookies and sell them in the winter! (I let them sell cookies at a garage sale one time and they did really well!)
Love ya,

Gina and John Zarate Family said...

Way to go Brigham! It looks like he made a bundle. Who could resist a smile and knowing he had worked to make them! What a fun idea! Oh lillian I put a map on my site it is fun to look at thanks for the Tip!