Thursday, February 28, 2008

Laci's new cut!

A few days before this, she decided that she wanted a haircut. She was very specific that she wanted it short, "not bald", but short. I couldn't believe it because she's been so protective of her "long princess hair" for so long. But she clearly knew what she wanted. She wanted hair just like mine. I thought it was really sweet but I was really worried that she'd regret it two days later. I took to her a salon and I was so proud of her she got right up in the chair and said she wanted a haircut like "my mom" and she pointed straight at me to make no mistake. The poor stylist though, Laci scrunched her shoulders up the whole time and was WIGGLING a lot. Thankfully the stylist was a sweet girl who could roll with it. The cuts a little choppy compared to my intricate version (different stylist) but considering the work conditions I thought it was fine. Anyhow, Laci still loves her cut 3 days later and has absolutely no regrets. I still stare at her when she's not looking. I just can't believe it.


Nielsen's said...

Hey Lillian,

I've been wanting to call you about your last comment on my blog!!! (But have been dealing with being pregnant tired, sick kids, and Sean's leg -- he hairline fractured his leg -from running- and got inflamed tendonitis. . . instead!) Anyways, I'll speak in code to let you know I've very excited about your recent accomplishments! How are you? How's Nephi?

I think Laci's cut is too cute! I love it!

Love ya,

Gina and John Zarate Family said...

I can't believe she decided to get it cut. IT is sooooooo cute. Please tell Laci that Aunt Gina Loves her new hair cut and I miss her!

Marta said...

wow, talk about a grown up hair cut, it does look cute on her though. I'm glad to see that she's got a mind of her own, and does what she wants!!